MIA/MPA Employment Statistics by Year

Graduating students provide their employment information to SIPA’s Office of Career Services six months after graduation. All employment information is listed as reported by the graduates themselves...

MIA/MPA Employment by Concentration

Explore some of the career paths that SIPA 2012-2016 graduates followed by concentration.

SIPA Graduates Around the World

An interactive map of SIPA alumni and their first destination jobs around the world.


Graduation Rate Statistics

Graduation rate statistics
% of students graduated within 1 year 90% 98%        
% of students graduated within 2 years 100% 98% 90% 89% 89%  
% of students graduated within 3 years 100% 98% 97% 98% 98% 90%
% of students graduated within 4 years     98% 98% 100% 93%

*2013-14 AY matriculating cohort. MIA and MPA figures exclude students enrolled in dual degree programs.