Explore these profiles to learn more about SIPA’s impact — in diverse policy fields, in locations around the world.

Santiago Peña (MPA-EPM ’03) was appointed as Paraguay’s Minister of Finance in January 2015. Peña began his career at the Central Bank of Paraguay, where he worked in the Department of Open Market...
MIA 83
In 10 years at the World Bank, John Porter (IF ’82, MIA ’83) rose to become chief investment officer.
Originally from Boston, Molly Powers-Tora MPA-DP ’12 is based in Suva, Fiji, where she works for the Pacific Community (SPC), the principal scientific and technical development organization for...
MPA 12
Jessica Prata is a 2012 graduate of the Executive Master in Public Administration program. She is currently Assistant Vice President for Environmental Stewardship at Columbia University. Describe...
MIA 14
NaTakallam is addressing the challenge displaced people face supporting themselves and their families due to local labor restrictions.
MIA 17
Tikkun Olam in Hebrew means “repair the world.”
MIA 91
A senior economist at the RAND Corporation, Dr. Howard Shatz (MIA ’91) researches questions across different disciplines using different methods. RAND shares its research product so that any...
MIA 95
Katie Jacobs Stanton MIA '95, chief marketing officer for Color and former VP of global media for Twitter, on how her SIPA education was applicable across her career in government and technology...
MIA 01
Gabriel Stricker graduated from the MIA program in 2001 with a concentration in International Finance and Economic Policy. He currently serves as vice president of policy and communications at Google Fiber.
MPA 13
Agratam India works in Bihar, the most underdeveloped Indian state, to radically enhance income levels of rural households by converting unproductive waterlogged wastelands into profitable fish farms.
Maria Leslie Villegas (MIA-EPM ’99) has spent the last 18 years at the World Bank Group, most recently as a global infrastructure specialist in the Washington, D.C., headquarters. What does it mean...
MIA 07
Esther Waters-Crane graduated in 2007 with an MIA degree and a concentration in Human Rights. She is currently Chief of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation at UNICEF in Kenya. Describe your...