December 9, 2014

Columbia’s Journal of International Affairs will celebrate the launch of its Fall 2014 issue, “Breaking Point: Protests and Uprisings in the 21st Century,” at the biannual Thought Leadership Forum on Thursday, December 11, at 6:30 p.m. on IAB’s 15th floor.

Featured panelists will include three of this issue’s prominent authors, Valentine Moghadam, a professor of sociology at Northeastern University; Paul Sullivan, a professor of economics at the National Defense University and adjunct professor at Georgetown University; and Jenik Radon, a SIPA professor. These authors are joined by a feature story contributor, Burcu Baykurt, one of the founding members of the 140Journos project. The panel will be moderated by journalist Liza Featherstone.

Moghadam will speak about democratization and the leadership of women in North Africa. She explores the role of women in protests and the linkage between successful democratization and the expansion of women’s rights and political participation in her article. Sullivan will offer insights on energy systems and their role as both a source of strength for governments and potential Achilles heels for regimes if terrorists or insurgent groups target them. Radon explores the case study of the world’s youngest country, South Sudan, drawing lessons about the importance of institutional structure and process.

Baykurt will discuss the unique role of social media in the Arab Spring uprisings and discuss the motivations for founding the 140Journos project and the importance of on-the-ground, live news reporting from the protesters themselves.

The forum will offer an extraordinary opportunity to interact with contributors to the field of international conflict resolution and political development, to hear their thoughts on a variety of complex issues, pose poignant questions, and challenge their opinions.

Founded in 1947, the Journal of International Affairs is a leading foreign affairs periodical edited by SIPA students. Each issue frames heated subjects with a unique single-topic format. The fall issue can be purchased for $15 at the reception following the forum; long-term subscriptions will also be available.